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Songs in our heart

I woke this morning feeling raw, vulnerable and ANGRY.

Anger is an emotion that I struggle with in the sense that I find it so overwhelmingly fiery, that I com bust, and spew fire in quite a literal sense. Being accustomed to naming it a "bad" feeling I have always just stuffed it back inside, and lately it's been bubbling to the surface, waiting for the right someone or something to ignite it's fiery presence.

You see when I'm not a fire spewing dragon, I'm actually a really easy going, peaceful and calm human being. I practice yoga, I tip the petrol attendant, I always say please and thank you.

And it's exactly this "nice girl" behavior that has led to years of unfelt and untamed anger and frustration.

Fast forward to my 34th year on this planet and now here I am, having to unlearn all that I have learnt and feel all that I have tried my hardest not to feel. It's been a tough personal year for me, and for so many others that I know.


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